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Specs at a glance
Kaiken is a next-gen show drone,
ready to take on the brightest and bravest of projects.

25 minutes
Maximum flight time while illuminated, with average of 20 minutes
270 grams
Total takeoff weight with battery
165-by-165 mm
Extremely compact during transportation
MGMT - dedicated fleet management software
smart battery
Monitor battery usage, plan maintenance
Runs PX4 and Ardupilot
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Effortless setup
Foldable blades and smart battery mean that you can transport the system fully assembled and ready to fly. That means almost zero hardware setup on-site.

Full control
with dedicated DMC
Advanced drone management controller (DMC) provides full system monitoring and control. Check subsystems, power-up or power-down drones - all done remotely from the ground station.
Kaiken features
Find out more about the features Kaiken provides
  • Remote ON/OFF using LORA
    Unique remote on/off control system, which allows the drones to be powered on and off remotely
  • Transportation
    10x Kaiken drones and 10x spare batteries fit in a small carry-on sized purpose-designed case.
  • Full over-the-air (OTA) updates and log downloads
    Kaiken features OTA updates for all subsystems using its onboard board management controller (BMC).
  • Service and repair
    We provide several options for repairs or servicing
  • FCC and CE Compliance
    Kaiken and accessories use FCC-compliant radio modules on board.
  • Collapsible propellers
    Kaiken uses collapsible propellers, which are safer then rigid plastic or carbon-fibre propellers as they collapse during contact.
  • Separate motor kill-switch
    To comply with regulations Kaiken features two distinct options for motor kill-switch
  • In-software battery health monitoring
    Kaiken uses smart batteries, which monitor and report to ground station their health status, charge cycle count, total charge and other key parameters.
  • LED burn-out and temperature protection
    LED temperature is controlled by the board management controller.
Smart Battery
Battery monitoring
Our battery follows up-to-date smart battery standards for laptops and portable electronics. That means you know everything about your power source - usage history, wear, and predicted lifespan.
Battery remote control
No need to unplug the battery - power is controlled remotely from the ground station, meaning no more tedious runs around the show grounds to switch the drones on.