Next-generation light show drones.
Compact, robust, and extra-bright.
Ready for your next big show.
Crafted for drone shows
Flyfire Kaiken is the ultimate drone show tool.
Its ultra-bright LEDs make it visible from miles away.

Compact, lightweight and robust, it will never be a burden
to deploy. Smart batteries paired with dedicated drone management controller will give you a piece of mind
and hassle-free operations.
Compact & portable
Weighing-in at 270 grams with battery, Kaiken is one of the lightest and smallest light show drones. This makes it exceptionally portable and easy to work with as it requires less space both in storage and on the show ground.
Specs at a glance
Kaiken is a next-gen show drone,
ready to take on the brightest and bravest of projects.
25 minutes
Maximum flight time while illuminated, with average of 20 minutes
270 grams
Total takeoff weight with battery
165-by-165 mm
Extremely compact during transportation
500+ lumens
Total brightness across 3 channels.
smart battery
Monitor battery usage, plan maintenance
Runs PX4 and Ardupilot
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Smart Battery
Battery monitoring
Our battery follows up-to-date smart battery standards for laptops and portable electronics. That means you know everything about your power source - usage history, wear, and predicted lifespan.
Battery remote control
No need to unplug the battery - power is controlled remotely from the ground station, meaning no more tedious runs around the show grounds to switch the drones on.
Extremely easy transportation
Each ten drones come in a carry-on sized case.
Effortless setup
Foldable blades and smart battery mean that you can transport the system fully assembled and ready to fly. That means almost zero hardware setup on-site.

Full control
with dedicated DMC
Advanced drone management controller (DMC) provides full system monitoring and control. Check subsystems, power-up or power-down drones - all done remotely from the ground station.
Fully compatible with Drone Show Software
Kaiken in action
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