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The Flying Drone Blanket allows fleets of quadcopters to take off simultaneously
It's become common to see a swarm of drones performing a light show, and the Flying Drone Blanket charges and launches numerous drones at one time. Check out today's blog to explore this prototype's highlights.
Meet the prototype Flying Drone Blanket by CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati and Flyfire that connects and manages large swarms of drones. The Flying Drone Blanket allows fleets of quadcopters to take off simultaneously while fitting inside of your suitcase.
The Flying Drone Blanket
could create the largest drone show ever
The Flying Drone Blanket could scape up to 10,000 units and brings us closer to a future of autonomous drone swarms. This could offer a wide range of applications, such as light shows, aerial 3D scanning, and environmental sensing.
Offers ease of deployment
It offers ease of deployment that starts with a single suitcase. Inside, you'll find the Flying Done Blanket, which consists of a semi-rigid structure that connects drones together.

Each 'blanket' can hold up to 16 drones and they even double as a charging pad. When it's time for take-off, each quadcopter makes a 45-degree handle turn and spins out of the blanket. With this movement, the drones lock back into the mesh and automatically begin recharging. Best of all, the blankets can link together to create ever-wider launching areas that are large enough for huge fleets.

What's the purpose of this prototype?
"In the last few years, individual drones have become a common presence in everyday life. Working with Flyfire, we set out to explore the next challenge – how do we make drone swarms more attainable?

With this project, we imagine a near future where drone swarms can be used for multiple purposes – from light shows to mapping buildings with 3D scanning to sensing air and water quality – in a scenario that we might describe as an 'Internet of Flying Objects."

Carlo Ratti, director of MIT Senseable Lab and founder of CRA
Offers ease of deployment
Each drone boasts a sleek modular design. It consists of smart batteries paired with an advanced Drone Management Controller that offers a hassle-free experience.

Moreover, its structure is lightweight, durable, and compact and its ultra-bright LEDs are visible from far away. And its system is compatible with Drone Show Software, which makes it possible to plan and perform. alight show where swarms of drones come together.

What are your thoughts on this drone prototype? In the meantime, check out the official website for more information about its release and specifications. Let us know your feedback and thoughts in the comments.